Here is some information on APRS in Maritimes Canada along with links to other APRS sites.
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10/24/2005: New APRS UIDIGI Node VE1VZ, near Bridgetown, NS.
Also permanent install of node VE1AAQ at Springfield, NS.
Thanks to VE1II, VE1MR & VE1TA.

09/23/2005 UIDIGI Node VE1PKT full operational from Hammonds Plains.

09/09/2005: New APRS UIDIGI Node VE1PKT, Hammonds Plains, NS.
Thanks to the work of VE1YZ the new node will soon be in its permanent location
to extend coverage of the MARCAN APRS network from Halifax down the
South shore.

07/09/2005: If you wish to connect to the Yarmouth APRS server, the following 
address should work, although there has been a problem of late with the IP 
address changing more than once a day.
Client connect (or 10151 buffered)

07/04/2005: Welcome new Yarmouth APRSd server VE1GX-1

06/24/2006: Some of you may have noticed that our UIDIGI nodes have an "S"
symbol instead of the "U". This is to reflect the use of the new N-n
settings. In the beacon you will also see something like "/R,W,W3,NS".
This shows that the node will digipeat the following paths:
The NSn-n is a province wide path that is included for conformity but 
not having much practical use. Our other provinces have NBn-n and PEn-n.  
The paths RELAY or WIDE are still available to aid visitors and allow an 
easy transition but we hope to have everyone using the standard path 
by next summer.
Please note the new recomended path settings for ALL stations is WIDE3-3.

See the link below for the full details.
The New n-N Paradigm

The MARCAN APRS Network comprises the following network systems on 144.390mhz:


VY2TPH   Hazel Grove PEI 
VY2EKR   Georgetown, PEI (Temp QRT)
VE1CRA-3 Churchill, PEI (Temp)
VE1TPL   Lynn Mtn, NS 
VE1TRO   Nuttby Mtn, NS
VE1EXP    Fairmont, NS
VE1GPS   Mabou, NS
VE1QRZ   Sydney, NS
VE1MTT   BeaverBank, NS 
VE9FGI-3 Quispamsis, NB
VE9GPS   Sackville, NB 
VE9WRC   Moncton, NB 
VE1AEH   Glenmont, NS 
VE1ARC   Greenwood, NS 
VY2CFB   O'Leary, PEI  
VE1EFP   Digby, NS  
VE1YAR   Yarmouth, NS  
VE1PKT   Hammonds Plains, NS   
VE1AAQ   Springfield, NS  (NEW!)
VE1VZ    Bridgetown, NS  (NEW!)
TBA      Dartmouth, NS (TBA)

APRSd Servers:

VE1UHF-1 Charlottetown, PEI or 1313
VE9FGI-1 Quispamsis, NB
KA0MOS-1 Conquerall Bank, NS
VE1GX-1  Yarmouth, NS (NEW!)

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