Atlantic Inter-Provincial Communications Network

In cooperation with EMO, the AIPCOM group built an impressive Amateur Packet Radio Network covering much of Maritime Canada.

 This network provides AX25 connections to a number of communities in the Maritimes as shown on the EMO Packet Map.

 Operational in mid-1995 it has been a boon to BBS and LAN users who have made good use of its gateways. These interconnect points are shown in the AIPCOM Gateway Table.

 Each Packet site contains from 2 to 5 Amateur Radio transceivers, each connected to an MFJ1270 TNC using TheNet 2.08B software in a node stack. The protected backbones are on 220 Mhz, the Gateways on 440mhz and in some cases a 2M port was added for backup.

 There are a total of 9 radio sites in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Network Manager is Ron MacKay

Email: marcan AT

Last Revised: Nov-15-97