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Fishing Trips S.C.S

San Carlos Sport Fishing

" Fish with the Pro.."



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   What Magazines say: 





" Alone in Tarpon Paradise"

The civil war is over in Nicaragua. The tarpon, unfished for 30 years, are hungry. And no one knows.....  Article by Bill Heavey  May 2004


Field and Stream 







"Tarpon crashed the party aboard the Julia Brava guided by Philippe Tisseaux on the upper San Juan River in Nicaragua last August. Tisseaux operator of San Carlos Sport Fishing expresses his thanks that this  wasn't one of the 200-pound tarpon common here."












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Fishing Trips


(all include Fishing  Packages) 



We wait  for  our guest at international airport of  San Jose (Costa Rica) or Managua (Nicaragua )


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If coming  via Managua ( Nicaragua) Transfer to Rio San Juan  fishing area is by Airplane ( 55 mn Flight ) ,  by road if coming in via San Jose Costa Rica  ( 4 hours )


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Fishing trips /  Fishing packages are all include: Transfer, fishing, guides, boat, Professional tackles, gas ,all meals, lodging....etc




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My pleasure to present  a   new  destination for your fishing trips in Central America ,  the San Juan river.  It is the  Border River between South Nicaragua and North Costa Rica...


Well when you are going to tell your friends and Family you may go for a  Fishing trip  in Nicaragua there is 99% probability they think there is something wrong, what happen to him?   they even may ask : What movie was on TV last night? Indiana Jones  ..


But problem was 15 years ago ...  World as been  changing  for the good and for the bad..Concerning Nicaragua it became a  quiet and Safe country slowly  awaking to tourism... 


Country suffered a lot from it's civil war now every body want peace.. , there is a common consensus  to change the  country bad fame...  ( See the article of Mr Bill Heavey Published in Field and Stream.. )  


Rio San Juan , 120 miles long is the only water comunication between the immensity of Fresh water  Nicaragua Lake and the Caribean sea before the revolution time it was a very famous Sport fishing area..Known of real experts..To day we are please to open it again..


I organise  real Fishing and Discovery Adventures in an almost unknown area, but  we care a lot for the confort of our Guests..It will never be Florida but since last year we use for lodging the Saballo Hotel facilities ( 45 Miles down River ) This year I opened my new Guest House located  in front San Carlos at the corner of the lake, where San Juan River Start... These two places and Hotel Mancaron in Solentiname  offer more than reasonable confort. 




Notes Concerning organisation of  my Fishing trips 


1) In case you contact us  you will not talk to a "salesman"  fighting for his commission but to the owner of the company than  you  also will meet during your fishing trip ..


2) We are a " small size Company"   and wish to  go on like this... I like to receive party of  two to a maximum  of  ten  anglers per week , so we really can know each other for a better and personalised  service , I wish to only offer quality...


3) You will enjoy great  fishing  but also will discover and  will be constantly  in contact with local people , we stop in villages in the Jungles , have meals  in Rancho on the river banks .. I and  my guides really  enjoy to discover with you... make new friends.. If it was Routine  as in so many fishing camp  our job  would be sad  boring..and NO DOUBT I will stop doing it....


 4) You   will enjoy  Jungle scenery , natural beauty and wild life...  once describe by Mark Twain...( In 1856 the famous writer was there..) 



Notes concerning 

our fishing...


What make our trips exceptional is than we truly can  go for   giant tarpon  80lb/250lb +  every day all year round ..." there is no day without tarpon on San Juan River..."  our bigest weighed so far is 235lb , we relased much bigger ... We already "Unoficialy"  ( We did not registered these  records...) beat several I.G.F.A  World record..  8lb, 12lb Class line for tarpon, Men and Women  also Children  and Junior all tackles ,  Boys and Girls.. ( These records range between 127lb till 200lb+  we have these fish around )


According to  many  experienced  Tarpon Afficionados than came fishing with us in the last three years :


 " such a quality of fishing  is probably unique in the world...  the good point is also than it is  still almost unknown,  so we are alone on the rivers..."



 Magasine  says  

" Alone in Tarpon  Paradise"  

. The civil war is over in Nicaragua. The tarpon, unfished for 30 years, are hungry. And no one knows.....  Article by Bill Heavey   May 2004 


I hope , only can hope it will be   like that for many year....


Our fishing is on  Conventional  tackles  (Spining, Bait casting, Trolling...) and Fly , I more and more enjoy  fishing Light Tackles  with guests ..16lb/20lb or even ultra light 10lb/12lb , I also enjoy  a lot braided line...


Tarpon fishing , Snook fishing  but  we also catch trophy size   Rainbow bass, Aligator and Tropical Gar,  Mojara, , Machaca...


We catch and release


I have been writen a lot of Fishing reports   ( Fishing reports ...they are writen as is .." back from fishing " in my " so / so  English..."  (Sorry )


 NOTE:  Fishing reports  are  classified  by months on several years so you can know what to expect on month you plan to come.. 

Guest accolades , Magasine articles are at  References 

I am offering real Adventures Fishing trip in almost virgin Jungle River of Central America... This will sound very  scary to many readers... but  careful with fame and fashion... World has been changing a lot and nowdays as well Nicaragua as Costa Rica are quiet  countries


When someone inquire upon my fishing trip I like to tell him to read the articles witch as been published upon us in some of the best fishing Magasine in the World and also I like to give the E mail adress of people who have recently been fishing with us , so they can talk directly upon Safety, and quality of my fishing and Service... 

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International Snook Federation 

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I.G.F.A Member

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 Fishing  Adventures on San Juan River 

Rio San Juan) in Costa Rica and Nicaragua 




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We fish  "Saltwater  Trophy size fish"

 Tarpon ( 80lb /250lb+ ) , Snook ( 15lb/ 50lb+ ) in quiet fresh water at 120 miles from sea. Fishing is great all year round...



  We Catch and Release.


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Tarpon fishing 90lb /250 lb +

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Spinning, Bait casting, Trolling and Fly fishing 


We generaly fish 20lb/30lb but also like to use  Ultra light 10/12lb line test. We are fighting tarpon between 90lb/250lb+ , this is  our Extreme Tarpon Fishing


Tarpon Fishing




Snook fishing 10lb/30lb+

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Usual catch 15/30lb, I report the presence of some monsters of more than 50lb 

Snook Fishing




Rainbow bass, Machaca, Mojara, Gar... 

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Fishing is in close Solentiname Archipelago 

(Great  fishing is available all year round..)

Rainbow bass fishing    Gar fishing   Other fishes 



San Carlos Sport Fishing Guides

Winner in Local  Fishing Tournament 

2001 /2003

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Spinning, Trolling, Bait casting, 

Fly fishing.. Our  fishing is always in 

  Quiet Inland  Freshwater 


  TournamentIGFA regulation 

Boats  /   Guides   /    Tackles  /  World Records





Unique Jungle Scenery 

is worst the trip for itself.. 

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 Wild life , Birdwatching 

 and  also History, Arts...

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  Jungle Scenery      Wild life     Bird watching

  Arts     El Castillo      Friends 




Mark Twain was there and described the San Juan River  Jungle scenery.

 The famous writer was there in 1866...Was GOLD twain.gif (33923 bytes) RUSH TIME, Pioners were using the San Juan River to cross the Central America Istmus, more than 100 000 of them passed there Going to California....

" Another event of the voyage was crossing the Nicaragua Isthmus — the trip across the lake and down the San Juan River — a brand-new experience, between shores of splendid tropic tangle, gleaming with vivid life. The luxuriance got into his note-book.

Dark grottos, fairy festoons, tunnels, temples, columns, pillars, towers, pilasters, terraces, pyramids, mounds, domes, walls, in endless confusion of vine-work — no shape known to architecture unimitated — and all so webbed together that short distances within are only gained by glimpses. Monkeys here and there; birds warbling; gorgeous plumaged birds on the wing, Paradise itself, the imperial realm of beauty — nothing to wish for to make it perfect." 1866


Each Fishing trip is  different....   

Guides and Guests  fish and explore  all year round  a very large area

Hundreds of miles of Jungle Rivers awaits... Almost virgin for Sport fishing around the Costa Rica and  Nicaragua Border    Location   


 Rio San Juan, Solentiname Archipelago, Great Nicaragua Lake, San Miguelito, Isla del Pitasso, Saballo , Rodal Del Toro, San Pancho, Santa Fe, El Castillo, Barthola , Infernillo, Rio Frio, Cano Negro...  Special expedition to  San Juan Del Norte, Rio Maiz, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon, Lagunas de las perlas... 

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  All include Fishing Trip Adventures 

 With the Experience of a Professional Organisation:


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   Transfert with Costena Airlines , New Van, New Boats.(2002)    

  We wait for you at the Airport

 Your  Fishing trip is 100% Guided.

 Air or Ground Transfers to Fishing area Include 

           Professional Guiding,    Safety,    Ponctuality...           


* All include '' fishing packages'' from San José International  Airport

* All include '' fishing packages'' from Managua International Airport

* Fishing packages from your hotel in San José or any place in Costa Rica or Nicaragua

* "Open jaw" packages: ENTRY IN SAN JOSÉ COSTA RICA - Fishing days - DEPARTURE FROM MANAGUA NICARAGUA. ( or vice-versa )

* Special Long stays : 2 weeks, 1 month?...  we will organize these Special Fishing vacations at special price: Expeditions for "Trophy hunters"

* Day charter boat from Los Chiles ( Costa Rica ) or San Carlos (Nicaragua).  May be one or several day ? , accomodation /Meals include or not .. Your " Fishing trip a la carte"





Tarpon Fishing , Snook Fishing  

All started long time ago in  San Carlos...


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These pictures has been shot some sixty years ago... At the end of  the Annual Tarpon Fishing Tournament 

My company is  now  a little part of the Tradition: Larry Hustler aboard my boat "Julia Brava" did win the prize for the more Tarpon and more accumulated weight in the 46th Edition in September 2001.

Eliesser Jarquin Mena  one of our fishing guide win 4 trophy for tarpon (on 5 available)  in the 2004 edition still aboard Julia Brava.

In order to help I did enter in The Organisation comity , where I am In charge of the International Relation... 

Much more informations upon  Tournament at: Tournament  


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Pagina en Castillano 

Field and Stream Magasine 



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 Around our spots 

Jungle Scenery   Wild life  Bird watching

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Your trip with us

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  Contact us





Your Comments, Inquiries, Suggestions are very welcome...  

To Contact us  please  E-mail at  Philippe Tisseaux:




Telephones # in Costa Rica  (506) 239 40 37
Celular  ( 506 ) 842 76 73
      (506) 395 50 53

Eliecer Jarquin ( Chief Guide) ( 506 ) 842 40 45



San Carlos Sport Fishing 

is a division of GATESA Ltd  and La Esquina del Lago Sa

Company is licensed and registered at INTUR

( Instituto Nicaraguense de Turismo )  
Owner: Philippe Tisseaux






NEW:  San Juan Express 


Fast boat Service, 

Taxi boat

 Ecotourism Boat

 Jungle River Tours ...

1)  Fast Boat service  in the entire Rio Frio/ San Juan /Nicaragua Lake area , Los Chiles, San Carlos, Solentiname, Granada, San Jorge, Omotepe, San Miguelito, Saballo , El Castillo, Barthola, San Juan Del Norte 

2)  Discovery/Ecological trips ( The Mark Twain Gold rush Road, Solentiname tours, Medio Quesso ..etc.. ) 

We  have  several  boats  available  capacity from 2  to 50 passengers...

 Contact us


alb3Ab1.jpg (19171 bytes)To Exclusive  S.C.S  Tarpon  

Pictures Galery  Click 


Discover  my  other  web site in English  ( Click ) 

Mon site Francais est ici :  Page en Francais

El web en Espanol esta Aqui: Pagina en Castillano 


Field and Stream Magasine 



La Esquina del Lago S.A  is a Tourism Company, registered at INTUR 

Instituto Nicaraguense de Turismo






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